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HTC Smart cheap upcoming Touch screen phone.


HTC Smart is a smart phone as its name. HTC announced about this phone in 2010 January and it will be available soon. HTC Smart is a full touch screen phone which has a 2.8 inch touch screen and it has Sense UI interface. This phone runs with a new OS called Brew Mobile.

HTC Smart is not a high end phone so it will be cheap. This phone has a 300MHz processor and a 256MB RAM. The internal memory is 256MB and it supports up to 16GB memory cards. HTC Smart is a 3G phone which supports 3.6MBP/s HSDPA. It has Bluetooth but Wi-Fi is not available. The main camera of this phone is 3.15MP and it comes with a LED flash. HTC Smart phone has a good media player which supports many file formats and it has a 3.5mm audio jack as well.

Source: http://bestnewphones.com/

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a electrical device that uses wireless technology on 2.5 GHz ISM (license free) frequency band.It can be used in mobile phones, headsets,portable computers to exchange data to each other without wire.Due to its low cost,low size,low power,radio technology,it becomes popular.Almost,every mobile phone provide Bluetooth technology.

Advantage of Bluetooth

1. Operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band without a license for wireless communication.

2. Real-time data transfer possible for short distance.

3. It can transmite data through obstacles like wall.

4. It supports both point-to-point wireless connections between mobile phones

and personalcomputers, as well as point-to-multipoint connections to any other

wireless networks.

5. Bluetooth is a portable devices

6. Compared with other systems operating in the same frequency band,

the Bluetooth radio typically hops faster and uses shorter packets.

7. Bluetooth is actually inexpensive.

8. Bluetooth is standardized wireless, meaning that a high level of compatibility

that means it will connect devices to each other, even if they aren’t the same model.

9. Low energy consumption As a result of Bluetooth using low power signals,

the technology requiresvery little energy and will use less battery or electrical

power as a result.

10.The standard for Bluetooth will allow compatible devices to share data and voice communications.

Bluetooth Application

1. Wireless networking between laptops and desktop computers, or desktops that are in a confined
space and little bandwidth is needed.

2. Peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and printers.

3.Most Cell phones uses Bluetooth technology .They are able to connect to computers, PDAs
and various other devices.

4. The transfer of files, images and MP3, between mobile phones.

5. Certain MP3 players and digital cameras to transfer files to and from computers.

6. Bluetooth technology headsets for smart phones and cell phones.

7. Data logging equipment that transmits data to a computer via Bluetooth technology.


If you want to connect two device through Bluetooth ,’pairing process’ is requiered.Through pairing
two or more Bluetooth devices that recognize each other by the profiles they share.
This is one of the most basic levels of security for Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth use an encryption algorithm, which is completely and entirely secure. Once the devices pair with each other, they too become entirely secure.

Communication will be successfully if and only if thay are paired.That is why Bluetooth technology is considered to be secure.

Still there is secirity threate because some hackers have developed ways to get around this level of basic security.so, you must have software to prevent hackers from getting in.