Online safety for your kids

It is used to think many parents that it’s great if their kids spend a lot of time on the computer/Internet. And it will be safer for the child to be at home this way. But it is not true, and you need to know a few things about online safety. Here are some tips to help for you.

You should know

The Internet is a vast place, full of information. If you look in the right places, you can find anything you need to know. Keep this in your mind always…the advantages of giving your child access to the Net and the amazing info online, far outweigh anything else.
Along with the good, there’s plenty of bad out there, which could find its way to your child’s email inbox, chat groups and social networking sites.

Your child will be curious and might want to visit sites which you would not want her to go to. She is picking up information from all around her, and she would want to find out what they mean. And this could lead her to adult rated content, inadvertently.

There are software and games available for free, which your child will be tempted to install on your PC.  There are peer-to-peer networks which will open up your computer, and install software and files from other computers. This is a great way for viruses, Trojan, spyware to come in to your computer. Put restrictions on this activity.

If your child has access to your credit card, some online games or shopping site might prove too tempting for her. And you could run up bills you might not like paying up at all.

Be on the safe side and opt for an unlimited download account from your Internet service provider. Otherwise, you will be down Rs 10,000 or so, if your kid decides to download a movie or two for ‘free’!

Install a program which allows your child to browse only those sites which are marked as safe by you.

What you need to tell your child

If your child encounters anything she is uncomfortable with, she should let you know immediately.

She should give her email ID to only her close friends. She should never disclose the password to any of her friends, no matter how close they are.

Social networking sites are great, but the aim is not to chalk up a friends list longer than everyone else’s. Be very selective about the people you add to your list.

Avoid talking to strangers on the Net. And never give out phone number, school details, address, etc to anyone. Do not put up that info or your pictures on your site either.

Avoid meeting anyone she has made friends with online. If she wants to meet, she should discuss it with you.

The Net is great, but go out and play too.

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Phishing By Phone

A paper at recent security conference gets all worried about web-enabled gadgets like phones and games consoles being a haven for phishing scams. They direct people to a fake version of a site where they have a secure account, like a bank, and harvest the details they type in.

The problem is, say researchers at University of California, Davis, that cramming a browser onto a small screen means bits are chopped off. One of the first things to go is the address box that shows the URL you are visiting – the place to check if you want to know if you are being phished.

As well as not displaying full URLs, mobile web surfers are not encouraged to type out addresses in full like on a full-size computer.

That means people are more likely to select links in emails, and less likely to notice that they are not the URL they are expecting, the researchers found.

They suggest browsers should display full URLs, and that another solution would be to change the way phones use the web. Instead of surfing directly, they could go via an intermediary service that screens all the content they access.

Mobile web use is said to be growing fast as devices like the iPhone compete to make it easier – and an increase in phishing is sure to follow. The solutions suggested could certainly work, but I don’t think it will be long before mobile browsers get built-in phishing warnings like conventional browsers do.

Playstation 3.10 Firmware Brings Social Networking Features

The new PlayStation 3 firmware 3.10 update, set to be launched later this week, will have a Facebook application, Sony has confirmed, proving the leaked images of Facebook integration with the PS3 platform.

The update will allow the players to link their Facebook accounts to their PlayStation Network account providing them with an option to set auto updates of Trophy and PlayStation Store activity to Facebook News Feed.

Eric Lempel, PlayStation Network Operations director, commented in a blog post on Sony’s official PlayStation blog that the collaboration with the popular social networking website was only a beginning and the users can expect further new features in the future that will enhance their PS3 experience. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 800 Specifications

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Chat, SMS

Display size: 3.7 ”

Dimensions: 116.5 mm/61.2 mm/12.1 mm

Touch Screen: Capacitive

Camera: 8 megapixels and Dual LED flash, Geotagging

Weight: 142 g

Maximum 3G talk time: 9.5 h

Maximum 3G standby time: 335 h

Maximum music playback time: 55 h

Maximum video playback time: 6.5 h

3D Accelerometer


Supported codecs:

MPEG-1 audio Layer2 (MP2)
MPEG-1 audio Layer3 (MP3)
WMA 9, WMA Voice 9, WMA Lossless 9
WMA Professional 9 and 10
DRM Playready

Audio format:


Video format:

3GPP formats (H.263)


Latest Mobile Phones

The latest mobile phones have changed the way of living completely. These stylish gadgets belong to Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, HTC and Apple. Nokia has recently launched N8, Samsung is coming up with Samsung Galaxy 3, Apple has made the announcement about the Apple iPhone 5 and Sony Ericsson with Yendo. Every company is trying really hard to win the confidence of consumers by providing them most incredible features. Stylish look, infinite features and cheap price are no longer a guarantee of success. Users have become more smart and intelligent, they think several times before making any investment. In other words, it is a very difficult time for companies to survive in market. As a result, consumers not only get the advance gadget and best tariff plan but also obtain the numerous schemes and free gifts with mobile deals.

Latest mobile phones contain some incredible specifications like high resolution camera (up to 12MP), 3D video games, touch screen, QWERTY keypad (for fast typing), MP3 player, internet access (for browsing of social media and other important websites), office tools (word, excel, PowerPoint, paint, PDF etc.), video calling, video conferencing and many more. Few years back, no one even thought about such technology and features in cell phones and today, people are using them without any surprise. These superb widgets help us to catch any person within few seconds and location does not matter. In current world, there are many modes of communication available in the device like calling, text, instant messenger, email, push to talk, social media and many more.

The biggest advantage of latest mobile phones is that you can access them without paying much cost. Availability of various network providers and their mobile phone deals help people to enjoy the communication with proper ease. UK citizens can avail these handsets through online mobile phone shops. Here, you get the gadget and complete information about the tariff plans and deals. Even companies always update the latest news on the web portals first.


SunRed solar Scooter

One look at these photos and you know this motorcycle is in the concept stage as I cannot remember seeing any of these on the road.


This is the SunRed solar-powered motorcycle that won the Best Innovative Technology award at the Barcelona Int’l Auto Show, this does look pretty cool and anything that is good to the environment and can be classed as gadget or latest technology is good in my books.

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