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Follow these Steps and Extend the Life of Your Laptop

Today, laptops are more popular then PC. But you have to good care of your laptop. There are several things that you should really do to take care of your laptop. Here are discussing some simple maintenance to that which requires a few minutes of your time it can significantly increase the life of your laptop and in return save you a bundle of money.
You have to follow these steps, if you really want to care your laptop.

1) Locking your notebook – You have to lock your laptop because anyone around you from looking at what are you doing and ensure that anything private stays that way. When your work finished just lock your laptop just pressing Windows Key + L at the same time. And when you unlock you system, you have to press three key Ctrl + Alt + Del and then enter your password and you will back in your window.

2) Vent maintenance – This means you need to check all of the vents on your laptop at least once a week to ensure that they are clear and not blocked. Be sure you do not push anything into the air vents; the safest way to clean these vents typically is using a simple can of air that can be purchased at most computer supply stores.

3) Check the fan – This is very important point. If you fan is not working properly and you are facing problem like laptop overheating, which can cause problems with your monitor, memory or even the hard drive. Remove this problem immediately. If you are unsure whether the fan is working properly or not, check the website for the laptop manufacture or take some advice from your hardware engineer.

4) Avoiding soft spots – This is a very common problem for many people, for example if you are sitting on bed and your laptop up on a pillow on your lap. This may seem like a great idea but it can cause a big problem, because you restrict the airflow to fan and vents causing your laptop to heat up significantly.

5) Safely storing your laptop –Laptop bags are sold wonderful for transporting your laptop, it is very important that you turn your laptop off before you actually put it into the bag. If you don’t do that, you could melt your laptop or potentially catch it on fire.

6) Drinks beware – If you are thinking about getting a drink it is important to make sure that your drink is as far away from your laptop as possible. Please don’t mix drink and laptop under any circumstances what you are drinking.

7) Avoiding shocks – If you are looking to move your laptop around a bit you should always ensure that it is on a sturdy surface that will protect it from unexpectedly jostling around. If the laptop is well protected you can safely move it around, however if the laptop is not stable you should turn it off before moving it around.

8) Humidity is not your friend – Humidity is the main cause of failure of laptops. You have to protect your laptop form humidity. If you don’t do that, this can cause damage of motherboard as well as damage to screen also.

9) Dust is the enemies of your computer – One more important point, make sure that your laptop is far away from dust; dust can clog fans and even vents which will cause your laptop to heat up significantly.

10) Surge protectors are critical – This can allow you to adequately protect your computer in the event that a power surge occurs, which could damage your computer.

11) Protect the screen- If you are in the habit of storing papers between the screen of your laptop and the keyboard it is possible to scratch the screen from the paper. This can create an extremely large repair bill that you would be left with. Avoid this as much as possible to ensure that your screen is protected.

If you follow all these steps, then you are really care for you laptop. It’s not very tuff. It’s really and quick. So, do it on regularly basis. As long as you are willing to take some basic precautions for your laptop, you are going to enjoy a lot of usage.

What is High Definition TV and How Does it Work

Ever since the invention of the television set, new technological innovations have changed the way we use it, starting with the advent of color TV. In the beginning a new black and white TV cost about what an average household earned in a month, so comparatively speaking it would be the same as if a small black and white TV cost about three or four thousand dollars today. As these technological innovations have made their appearance, so too has the overall cost of using a TV come down.

Then a few decades back video tape made its debut and it wasn’t long before people were running out to buy video tape players to play tapes that could be rented from rental outlets that were springing up in every city and town across the U.S and Canada. The tape machines and the tapes themselves were finicky at best and could be frustrating to watch, because of malfunctions that seemed to happen in the middle of the best part of a movie.

Cable service and DVDs came along and put all of the video tape rental stores out of business and then satellite service came along to make life hard for the cable service people. Now to top it all off, high definition TV has arrived on the scene with its promoters claiming that it is yet another broad technological step that is going to change the way people enjoy their TV programming, just like all the other technological advancements have done.

So now people are asking just what is high definition TV and whats so different about it? High definition TV programming is a new format that not only involves the picture but also the sound quality of the TV programming that is being watched. You can only get the effects of high definition TV programming by watching it through a high definition TV set. This is because the high definition TV set has twice the number of virticle lines of resolution and pixels in its screen and those are what the picture on the screen is produced with. Twice the number doesn’t equate to twice the precision of the picture though, because it in fact makes for a picture that is six times as precise and the difference is truly astounding.

It means that now a large screened TV can now be watched in a small room with out having to put up with a fuzzy picture, so now apartment and condo dwellers can have the big screened TV that they have always dreamed of. The sound quality is different with high definition TV programming also, because it is digitized surround sound with Dolby noise reduction for a sharper and more distinct CD quality sound that was unavailable from a TV until the advent of high definition TV programming.There is one place where you can see the difference that high definition TV programing makes with your own eyes and ears and that is at your local electronics retailer where thay will have the latest models of high definition TVs playing on their show room floor.