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Wireless communication : Infrared Technology

Infrared wireless tecnology is the use of wireless technology in devices or systems that allow data transfer through infrared (IR) radiation.In infrared communication , an LED transmits the infrared signal as bursts of non-visible light. At the receiving end a photodiode or photoreceptor detects and captures the light pulses,and retrieve the information they contain.

IR wireless is used for short- and medium-range communications and control.It is used in computer hardware such as in wireless mouse, keyboard,Floppy disk drives,Printers.It is also used in Car locking systems,Emergency response systems, Headphones,Home security systems ,Robot control systems and more.

Infrared technology offers several important advantages as well as disadvantages as a form of wireless communication.

IR Advantages:

1. Low power requirements: ideal for laptops, telephones
2. Low circuitry costs: $2-$5 for the entire coding/decoding circuitry
3. Simple circuitry: no special hardware is required.
4. Higher security: directionality of the beam helps ensure that data isn’t   leaked or spilled to nearby devices as it’s transmitted
5. Portable

IR Disadvantages:

1. Line of sight: transmitters and receivers must be almost directly aligned to
2. Blocked by common materials: people, walls, plants, etc. can block transmission
3. Short range: transmission become slow on longer distances
4. Light, weather sensitive: direct sunlight, rain, fog, dust, pollution can affect
5. Speed: transmission rate is lower than typical wired transmission.

Health Risks

There are no confirmed health risks or scientific dangers from infrared or radio frequency but in case of point-to-point lasers which can cause burns or blindness and also continuous microwave exposure which has been linked to cancer and leukemia.


Electromagnetic frequencies currently have less protection and can be freely intercepted by motivated individuals. But,security issue varies by the type of wireless transmission method .Infrared data transmission is more difficult to intercept when compared to radio frequency. Radio frequency can penetrate walls, making it much easier to transmit a message, but also more susceptible to tapping.