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Google’s new OS could hit Microsoft, see where it hurts

Google-new-2It’s the ultimate showdown in the technology world, the clash of giants that has been eagerly awaited for years. Web giant Google is taking its clearest aim yet at Microsoft with its plan to produce its own operating system that would optimise the way computers work on the Internet.

The Chrome operating system is due to be out in the second half of next year and will initially be used in netbooks, company executives Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson said in a blog posting. The operating system would be released as free, open-source software, which would allow anyone to use or modify it.

At the core of Google’s vision is the most important trend in the networked world: the move from running applications on a desktop computer to running them through a web browser.

From Gmail to Facebook and Picassa to Twitter, the most popular uses for computers are no longer the disc-churning software programmes like Microsoft Office, which have clogged up hard drives for years. The new paradigm is cloud-based computing, where all the heavy lifting and storage is done on companies’ server farms, which people access over their broadband connections.

According to Google, it’s time that computers reflected the change.

“The operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web,” Google executives Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson wrote in a blog posting announcing the move.

The Chrome operating system is Google’s “attempt to re-think what operating systems should be”, based on three key attributes: “speed, simplicity and security”.

“We’re designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you on to the web in a few seconds. We are completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. It should just work.”

That vision sounds like digital heaven for computer users who have wrestled forever with bloated software and computers that progressively get slower and slower.

“People want to get to their email instantly, without wasting time waiting for their computers to boot and browsers to start up. They want their computers to always run as fast as when they first bought them,” the Google blog said.

“They want their data to be accessible to them wherever they are and not have to worry about losing their computer or forgetting to back up files. Even more importantly, they don’t want to spend hours configuring their computers to work with every new piece of hardware or have to worry about constant software updates.”

As enticing as that prospect may seem, it’s not guaranteed to work, says Don Retallack, vice president of research at Directions on Microsoft – a company that tracks the software giant.

“Google may or may not have the experience and capability of actually producing an operating system and getting it deployed,” he said. “It may not realise how hard it is.”

Source: http://www.siliconindia.com/


Nokia Announces N86: 8 MegaPixel Camera Mobile

After a long wait, Nokia has finally announced their first 8 MegaPixel phone. The phone is called N86 and it will now compete with the likes of Samsung Memoir and Samsung Omnia i8910 HD. The phone comes with a wide-angle Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and can be compared to a high quality stand alone digital camera capturing brilliant and wide angle images.
It is a slider phone and resembles the N8X series. It has a 2.6 inch QVGA , OLED screen having 240 X 320 resolution and a scratch resistant hardened glass display. It is the first mobile device that comes with variable aperture which can produce good results even in low light conditions. The Camera also has auto focus along with Dual LED flash. Connectivity options include HSDPA, Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP and USB 2.0. The phone also has GPS and A-GPS support and comes with 8GB of memory which can be extended to 16GB using microSD cards. FM radio with FM transmitter and 3.5mm AC socket is also present.
The phone will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2009 and the expected price is Rs 23,331 (EUR 375) before taxes.

Source: http://www.techlivez.com

Protect your PC from a virus

There are many ways of knowing that your PC is infected from the Internet or elsewhere.

  1. An infected computer always will behave differently from its normal state, and you may not be able to boot your system, or it may slow down to a crawl.
  2. There will be strange or unfamiliar messages or graphics on your screen, and you may be unable to reverse these changed display settings. The programs that you use everyday may start acting funnily.
  3. There may be a sudden rise in the current data traffic going out of your PC, even when you are not actually on the Internet.
  4. Files may start removing from your hard disk, and your machine may start sending out spam or other malicious emails to all your email contacts without your knowledge.
  5. Viruses can be hard to detect, and are more likely to work quietly in the background rather than give you any immediate indication of their presence. Things like your system slowing down or your hard drive space being chewed up can happen for a number of other reasons as well.

When you begin to suspect that your PC is infected, you should take it off the local as well as the Internet or unplug the network cable altogether.

How to Choose Best Microscope for Your Laboratory?

The right lab equipment can prove to be invaluable for a great laboratory. One of the most important things of laboratory is magnifying instrument. The right microscope for a multitude of jobs can prove to be worth its weight in gold.

But maximum people don’t know how to choose microscope and which type of microscope that they need for their work. One type of microscope that is perfect for general lab is the light microscope. There are two ways of microscope; they are low and high power. You have to know what your requirement is. The low microscopes are perfect for looking at images that are larger than most invisible items.

These are often referred to as stereo microscopes because they offer a three dimensional look at a specimen. A high power microscope is more popular for hobbyists alike. With high power microscope you can see invisible items such as blood and bacteria.

The light goes under the specimen and allows one to see the object. These are relatively inexpensive, but no matter what one does, plastic microscopes for children are not recommended because of the inability to see items well.

Other equipment that will be used in the lab with microscopes and it’s also essential for viewing objects are its slides. You can purchase from anywhere and relatively inexpensive. One can find prepared slides with items already on them, or an individual can find slides onto which their own items can be placed.

If you purchase blank microscope slides, then make sure that the solution will be needed or not in order to view the objects correctly. Many retailers also sell the slide mounting fluid that is needed to see so many of the basic images that are looked at under a microscope.

Choosing lab equipment for a small lab can be hard to understand. If one is a parent or a hobbyist who is looking to begin one’s creative genius when it comes to science, then the best place to begin is by finding the right microscopes for the job. Understanding this crucial element can help an individual create the best environment for seeing the invisible and learning about the world around them.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Technology

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) provides an entire multimedia experience of photos, text, pictures, animations, audio and speech. By using the MMS facility, user can send their multimedia message, but the phone that supports MMS and also you have enabled the MMS service. With MMS technology, the mobile users can send or receive MMS from other mobile users. Even MMS supports audio formats like WAV, MIDI and MP3. MMS is also used for sending Video clips.

MMS is just like a SMS. But the difference is, SMS contains text messages with minimum character limits. But in MMS, you can send messages with more text capacity. SMS has limitation like only pictures and text can be send. MMS is user friendly, like you can send any picture, video files, and animation pictures. Older mobiles phones do not have the MMS facility or they don’t support MMS technology. But now, many mobile companies introduced MMS support phone. The price of these mobiles phones are little bit more than other phones. All the service providers have also started to offer MMS facility to their customers.

Every mobiles company provides complete multimedia knowledge and this facility increase the mobile communication usage. Many in the communication industry, for networks of 2.5 G and 3G, consider MMS as one of the biggest potential moneymakers.
When we send MMS, it’s usages the same method like SMS. MMS is considered as best and proven messaging technology. Now MMS has captured maximum market and greater business opportunity in the whole telecommunication market. MMS is designed to operate with GPRS, 1x/EVDO mobile packet data services.

MMS is delivered in two modes and they are immediate and deferred. You can take a snapshot using your camera and then you can send that picture through MMS to anyone. You can also send your video files to your friend. MMS faces lot of challenges like bulk messaging, distribution lists, WAP Push, handset configuration and content adaptation. MMS is different from EMS that is Enhanced Messaging service that is SMS with additional capabilities. MMS is going to be used as community-based communication method in the future years.

How Technology effecting our lives

Today’s world is full of pieces of technology that we take for granted, the microchip has truly revolutionized the way in which we live and do business. The world we see would not be recognizable to people of a few generations ago and nowhere is this truism greater than in the world of computing. Hence it is important to stay up to date with technology news; while many may think that this type of news is purely for geeks it is clear that all of us should have at least a passing interest in news of technological developments.

Technology almost touches all of our lives in some way and hence technology news is a vital resource that can keep us up to date with developments and ways in which the world will be changing. For example we can take the case of onset of digital television which is affecting most of the people. In the same way, news of technologies that may make our cars safer and more efficient is important to all those who drive on our roads.

The point to be noticed is that the technology now covers such a diverse range of subjects that it would be foolish for any reporting company not to write stories on the genre. Technology can apply to elements of the medical industry as well as the automotive industry. It is this diversity that makes technology news articles so interesting to read and why subscribers from all over the world regularly catch up theses stories.

We ca take the case of computers, we all are living the world of computers and can be truly said that it is a computer age in which we are living a period where computers are becoming increasingly important to our way of life. Ultimately we are becoming evermore reliant on our computers and without them we would be lost; there are even news stories of some now being addicted to their computers and handhelds. This is the extent that technology has encroached upon our lives that people now do not feel the need to unplug from this. Computers become more powerful and have greater and greater applications it will not be long that we will plan our lives around the computer.