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As you can see in these pictures, this phone is almost similar to apple iphone in design. but it’s a new Motorola phone called Motorola BACKFLIP. They announced about this phone in this January and it will be available soon. the special thing of this phone is it has a full QWERTY key pad. Motorola BACKFLIP has a 3.1 inch display which is little bit smaller than iphone’s screen.
This phone has a new interface called MOTOBLUR UI. and it runs with Google Android OS. also Motorola BACKFLIP supports up to 32GB memory cards and comes with a 2GB memory card. in connectivity side it supports 7.2MBP/s HSDPA and has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 
the main camera of this phone is 5Mp and it supports 24fps HVGA video recording. Motorola BACKFLIP has a GPS receiver with A-GPS support. Its microphone is special because it has noise cancellation feature. 

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Rumor: 4th Generation iPhone coming in April with OLED and detachable battery?

At the moment, the rumored features include OLED display and video-chat functionality, as well as faster performance and more power flexibility. These have long been much need improvements for the iPhone, fans would definitely find having such upgrades reasonably.

The Apple Insiders have suggested that the iPhone 4G will have both a dual-core processor and an improved graphics chip. It’s been speculated that a new ARM Cortex A9 CPU might be responsible for this increase in performance.

Will a detachable battery be finally available? This appears to be a function that Apple has been reluctant to put in place for many of its products. If Apple does decide to equip the next iPhone with a removable battery then it could potentially put the likes of Morphie who creates external battery packiPhone cases at risk. But for iPhone users, this would be excellent news. Having video chat means the inclusion of a front-facing camera for video calling, and a higher-performance main camera, this together with a possible dual-core processor all supports the need for such greater versatility in terms of battery power.
[Via Apple Insider, Gadget Venue]

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Samsung’s New 64GB Flash Chip Is Ideal for Mobile Devices.

Electronics manufacturer Samsung announced on Tuesday two new flash-based storage solutions, both of which are ideal for mobile use. The company unveiled a high-density 64GB moviNAND flash memory chip, in addition to a 32GB micro secure digital (SD) card.

The removable flash-based 32GB microSD card, which was developed this month, is made up of eight 4GB stacked chips, and Samsung claims that it’s the industry’s highest-capacity production-ready microSD card.

However, despite the impressive card density the new microSD card still has a staggeringly slim profile, coming in at only 1mm in thickness and just 0.7mm in height. The card is due to enter production this February.

Samsung also detailed that its 1.4mm-thick 64GB flash chip was developed using the company’s 30-nanometer process, packing in sixteen stacked 4GB chips and its own storage controller. The company claimed that the 64GB moviNAND chip has been in mass-production since December, and will be the first on the market, beating Toshiba’s recent efforts.

With higher-capacity flash memory slowly becoming more commonplace it may not be long before we start seeing devices, such as Smartphone’s and portable media players, housing increased memory. Both Toshiba and Samsung are currently suppliers of flash memory to Apple, so it’s no surprise that recent claims state that the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone could feature higher capacity on-board memory.

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/

Lenovo LePhone Announced!

Lenovo LePhone was announced at CES 010 and it’s Lenovo’s first smartphone. It is powered by Android and meant for the Chinese market.

The features of the phone include:

  • Android 2.1
  • WCDMA, 3.7″ AMOLED Touch screen with 800*480 Resolution
  • 12mm Thickness, 60mm Width
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
  • 3 Megapixel Camera, Secondary Video Call Camera

Though the device runs the latest version of Android, 2.1, it wont be compatible with current Android applications or support Android market. It supports widgets and has an iPhone like menu structure. There are no keys and it relies simply on gestures on a secondary touch panel below the screen.

There will be several accessories for the phone including add-ons such as QWERTY keyboards, secondary battery, speakers etc. It is expected to be released in China during the 1t half of 2010.

There is no news of a US release. So for now it looks like its meant for China only. Probably in the future, it might be released or Lenovo might come up with something else for the rest of the world.

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Windows Mobile to reach 15% of smartphones in 2013.

In spite of common perception, Windows Mobile could take second place in the smartphone market in as little as four years, an iSuppli study predicted today. Analysts estimate that the phones shipped will triple from 27.7 million by the end of this year to 67.9 million in 2013, or enough to give it 15.3 percent of the industry behind Nokia’s predicted 47.6 percent. Microsoft is expected to slip to third this year but to recover over time.

The return to form is founded in a belief that Microsoft has the “major cards” needed to have a successful mobile platform. Windows Mobile is already well established with carrier support and a substantial app library, while it now also has an app store (Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

Its age is considered a problem, as its interface is harder to use than an iPhone’s and doesn’t support the capacitive touchscreens needed for multi-touch and other more intuitive finger input. However, senior analyst Tina Teng believes the launch of Windows Mobile 7 in 2010 will render Microsoft “much more competitive” precisely because it should solve both of these problems. She also dismisses the losses of Motorola and Palm as clients for Windows Mobile, saying that neither were significant enough to make an impact while the recent addition of LG will be much more important. Windows Mobile has more licenses than anyone with 14 versus Symbian’s 10.

The study doesn’t address Nokia’s own falling market share or outside factors, such as the maturation of younger platforms like Android and iPhone. Android has often been cited as the most direct competitor to Windows Mobile as it can be licensed by nearly any developer but is significantly less expensive to license and develop than Windows Mobile.

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Spotify announces Symbian app

Spotify has expanded its mobile reach with a launch onto the Symbian platform – a potentially huge new audience spanning around half of the global smartphone market.

As well as a large range of Nokia handsets, the app will also run on a selection of Sony Ericsson and Samsung smartphones running the Symbian platform, such as the Samsung GT-I8910 Omnia HD and Sony Ericsson Satio.

To get Spotify’s Symbian application, users can either download it directly to their phones by visiting m.spotify.com through their mobile web browser, or by entering their phone number on the new Symbian information page to receive instructions via an SMS.

As with the other iPhone and Android Spotify offerings, the Symbian app is only available to those who are Premium, i.e., paid-up members of the service.

HTC HD2 Windows Phone Smartphone Review

HTC Smartphone

HTC has a history of making enormous, feature-rich smartphones and the phone I’m looking at today is the pinnacle of those efforts so far. The HD2 incorporates an enormous 4.3in capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, and plenty more besides, but with it running Windows Phone can it possibly be our favourite handset of the moment?

Well we weren’t joking when we said enormous. At 121mm tall and 67mm wide, the HD2 is some 5mm taller and wider than the iPhone 3G/3GS, which some people find too big too handle already. Now, 5mm may not sound like all that much but when added all over it makes for a significant increase. At 11mm thick, it’s at least a tad thinner than its fruity rival and it’s still markedly smaller than the behemoth that is the Toshiba TG01.

Adding to the feeling of this being a large phone is the size of its screen. While, the iPhone’s screen actually fits within the palm of your hand (even if the whole phone doesn’t) and is thus completely accessible using the thumb of one hand, the HD2’s screen always requires a readjustment of your grip or your other hand in order to use all of it. Again, this isn’t uncommon per se but it’s definitely the marker of a phone we feel goes beyond the point most people would find comfortable for everyday use. Also because the screen fills so much of the device, you’re left with very little room to position your hands without pressing and activating some part of it.

Nevertheless, if all you want is the biggest and best screen on your mobile then you won’t be disappointed. Not only is it enormous but its resolution of 800 x 480 pixels is equal to the best on the market and is double that of the iPhone’s and most Android phones. Combined with excellent brightness, pitch-like blacks, and wonderfully vivid colours, it is simply a joy to behold. In fact, because it uses standard LCD technology, rather than AMOLED, it seemed to suffer less from the slight over saturation that plagues devices like the Samsung Galaxy, and the Samsung Jet (Samsung does seem to be at the forefront of this display technology when it comes to phones).

Whatever task we put this phone to, its screen never failed to amaze us. Probably the most memorable thing was this phones ability to fit the entire TrustedReviews website on screen and still maintain readable text… when held in portrait mode! Of course, watching video, viewing photos, and all the other multimedia tasks one can enjoy on a modern mobile phone are dutifully taken care of as well.

Helping our perhaps (on second read) over-zealous enthusiasm for this phone’s screen is the fact that it’s glass is super tough and scratch resistant. You’ve probably also guessed from this that it uses capacitive touch sensing as well and, again, it is superbly implemented, reacting instantly to any gesture with the lightest of touches. Multitouch is also supported but more on that later.


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Palm Pre set to outsell first-generation iPhone?

pre_t3_w500Better late than never, the Palm Pre finally hits town this Friday and more specifically, the O2 network. Will it sell? Well, according to a new TNS survey it will, eclipsing the original iPhone if those views translate into sales.

According to market research firm TNS, 26 per cent of users questioned said they would definitely or probably buy the Palm Pre, considerably higher than the 16 per cent who said they would buy an iPhone in 2007. Encouragingly for O2, that figure is even higher (27 per cent) when its own customers were surveyed. The poll of 1,003 adults aged 16-64 also found that 32 per cent of mobile users currently on other networks are likely to switch to O2 in order to get hold of the Palm Pre.

Kevin Evans, associate director at TNS Technology, said: ‘The Palm Pre is already being touted as the ‘iPhone killer’ and our research certainly suggests it’s going to shake up the market.’

‘The decision to offer the Pre free to those on a 24-month contract is in sharp contrast to the £269 price of the iPhone at its launch, while the launch timing capitalises on the fact that thousands of UK iPhone early-adopters are approaching the end of their 18-month contract period, while the next-generation iPhone is not expected until next June.’

But will it really hit those dizzy sales heights? The handset might be free, but only on a two-year tie-in and with a minimum cost of £34.26. And while many iPhone users might be ending their deals with O2, there’s no reason why they would dump the iPhone and grab a Pre instead. With the Blackberry Storm 2 also appearing around the same time, not to mention a steady succession of tasty Android phones and the usual selection of slimline fashion phones, there’s a lot of choice out there. The Palm Pre will certainly do well, but we’re far from convinced that it’s going to scoop up over a quarter of the mobile market overnight.

Sources: http://www.t3.com/

Apple releases iPhone firmware update 3.1.2


Apple has announced the latest firmware for the iPhone which should fix some nagging problems with the device.

The firmware update 3.1.2 launched last week and corrects three major issues reported by users. The bug fixes include:

* Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep
* Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart
* Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming

The firmware update is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS. Read more at the Apple website

Brian’s Opinion

Personally, I think that Apple has been pretty good with the bug fixes for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Typically there is not much time after a major firmware release before minor fixes are also addressed with updates. That’s a good thing since it means that Apple will keep its many iPhone users loyal.

We may even see bigger changes to the iPhone now that AT&T has announced that it will open up VoIP applications to its cellular network. Previously, these types of application only work over a Wi-Fi connection. That means we get to squeeze even more capabilities into the iPhone.

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