Rumor: 4th Generation iPhone coming in April with OLED and detachable battery?

At the moment, the rumored features include OLED display and video-chat functionality, as well as faster performance and more power flexibility. These have long been much need improvements for the iPhone, fans would definitely find having such upgrades reasonably.

The Apple Insiders have suggested that the iPhone 4G will have both a dual-core processor and an improved graphics chip. It’s been speculated that a new ARM Cortex A9 CPU might be responsible for this increase in performance.

Will a detachable battery be finally available? This appears to be a function that Apple has been reluctant to put in place for many of its products. If Apple does decide to equip the next iPhone with a removable battery then it could potentially put the likes of Morphie who creates external battery packiPhone cases at risk. But for iPhone users, this would be excellent news. Having video chat means the inclusion of a front-facing camera for video calling, and a higher-performance main camera, this together with a possible dual-core processor all supports the need for such greater versatility in terms of battery power.
[Via Apple Insider, Gadget Venue]



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