Sony A845: The slimmest Walkman ever

Sony A845 Walkman boasts a 2.8-inch wide OLED display, which delivers superb colored output at higher contrast ratios. Its Scene scroll view lets the user browse quickly through longer videos. Users are shown a series of thumbnails, which are scrolled accordingly for searching and playing the scene. Its wide-viewing angle and faster response times make it perfect for internet applications like video sharing and downloading.

Employing the S-Master Digital Amplifier, the player delivers unmatched audio. The S-master amplification combined with Digital Clear audio technology results in production of rich audio with negligible ultra-low distortion. Moreover, its Digital Noise canceling headphones cancels approximately 98% of noise. The 13.5mm chord allows for greater flexibility and the supplied AV adapter offers convenient connection to planes AV system, thereby transforming your travel into a melodious journey.

If you are fond of big screens then the Walkman A845 won’t disappoint you either. Just plug the optional A/V output cable (WMC-NWV10) to your TV set and enjoy your favorite videos in SD format. It supports a wide range of multimedia file formats. The powerful battery gives up to 29 hours of continuous audio playback and 9 hours of nonstop video playback. Sony’s A845 Walkman is anticipated to be released in February 2010 with 16GB storage capacity.



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