Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile

Days after releasing the Symbian version of Opera Mobile 10, Opera has now announced the launch of the Windows Mobile version of it’s next generation mobile browser.


Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile is the successor to version 9.7 that had been announced earlier this year. The latest version of the browser has received a completely revamped look and now looks similar to Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian, which in turn looks similar to Opera Mini 5 released a few months ago. Like we had mentioned in our Opera Mobile 10 review, Opera has confirmed that they are bringing in a unified look to its browsers across various platforms. For the same reason Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile sports a very familiar look – should you be used to the Symbian version of the browser.


Opera has enabled a host of features in this beta including Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, a password manager and its very own web browsing compression technology, Opera Turbo. In fact, the review of the Symbian version is in most ways applicable to the Windows Mobile, since it’s visually and functionally similar across various platforms.


The new version of the browser will turn out to be quite a different experience for Windows Mobile users


Source: http://www.techtree.com/


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