Xbox Live comes of age?


Interesting times for Xbox Live, the online service for the Xbox 360. This week saw a user record set, with more than 2 million users connected at once. As you may have guessed this total was hugely bolstered by Modern Warfare 2, with nearly half of the 2 million users playing Activision’s new shooter. No real surprises then. Actually what I’d love to see is figures for the game with the lowest number of players at any one point. Is anyone still playing Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts online for example?

Next week will also see the launch of Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM on Xbox Live. Expect those tweets and status updates to be dominated by Modern Warfare 2 then. I’ve been on the test service for these and while the integration isn’t quite as slick as I imagined – the need to login to separate applications means they all feel a little detached from the core Live offer – you can see the benefit if you are in between games or undecided what to do next.

Xbox owners then, what do you think? Your friends lists dominated by MW2 players? Any excitement about Facebook and co appearing on Live next week?




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