Apple releases iPhone firmware update 3.1.2


Apple has announced the latest firmware for the iPhone which should fix some nagging problems with the device.

The firmware update 3.1.2 launched last week and corrects three major issues reported by users. The bug fixes include:

* Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep
* Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart
* Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming

The firmware update is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS. Read more at the Apple website

Brian’s Opinion

Personally, I think that Apple has been pretty good with the bug fixes for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Typically there is not much time after a major firmware release before minor fixes are also addressed with updates. That’s a good thing since it means that Apple will keep its many iPhone users loyal.

We may even see bigger changes to the iPhone now that AT&T has announced that it will open up VoIP applications to its cellular network. Previously, these types of application only work over a Wi-Fi connection. That means we get to squeeze even more capabilities into the iPhone.



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