SDXC Memory Cards: Storage Space of 2TB on a single SD Card

We have seen a lot of action in memory cards development in the past year. With every passing month there was an enhancement in the storage devices making them cheaper, faster and more bigger. But CES 2009 brings an amazing surprise and a dramatic improvement in the field of portable storage. The new specification of memory cards known as SDXC eXtended Capacity) can store hundreds of gigs of data on a single card.

The SDXC cards are capable of holding a massive 2TB (2048GB) of Data on a single card and currently these cards can transfer data at 104 MB per second but the team has a roadmap to raise it to 300MB per second. This is a major step in the development of storage devices and it is irresistible to see such huge amount of data in such a tiny space.

This gives birth to unlimited possibilities in portable devices. The upcoming HD technology requires huge storage space and these SDXC card will act as a perfect combo with the HD camcorders. It will also let you store thousands of pictures, photos, etc. on your digital camera which means forget about transferring the pictures to a PC. It will also turn your mobile into your personal portable media center as you can carry huge amount of data, pictures, files, music, video, etc with you.

I am sure this technology will kick start the Tera-Byte era once this technology is fully developed. This SDXC technology is being showcased at CES 2009 and SDXC cards are expected to launch sometime later this year.



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