Personalize your desktop

Would you like to personalize your desktop for example some text on your desktop, personal message; a to-do list, lyrics of your favourite song; make a web page your desktop wallpaper,and display your personal message right there,and anything at all. Here’s the way to do so…..

  • First of all, you have to create a webpage.
  • Now, open a Word document, and write the text you want displayed on your desktop.
  • After writting the text,go to File and Save it.
  • Type a file name in the File Name box.
  • In the Save as type box, you must choose Web Page.
  • And save it in a folder.

After this process,it’s time to put it up on your desktop.

  • You have Right-click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Then go to Properties.
  • After it, go to Desktop and click on Customize Desktop.
  • Now in this, choose Web option.
  • Then in Web, click on New,m and this will open a new window New Desktop Item.
  • After clicking Browse,select the file you created earlier. But you can also choose a webpage and enter the URL in the box given to make that your desktop item.
  • Now, click Ok,your personalized desktop is ready.


  1. Networking Design

    You lost me at create a webpage. But I guess everyone has one. Still, I don’t think that is the direction I’ll be going. I’ll pick my desktop out of the preselected icons on my computer. Thanks!

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