The Latest Threats in Cyber World

According to the trends, different types of threats are growing faster, but here’s how you can protect your computer.

Online threat
When you’re online, Trojans or worms can be installed on your PC through a loophole in your software that you haven’t patched, through shareware you’ve downloaded, or through an e-mail attachment.

These Trojans or worms can be used to take remote control of your machine for various harmful actions as displaying ads, monitoring your browsing behavior, launching a denial-of-service attack, hosting a phishing site, or capturing your keystrokes to record information such as usernames, passwords, and credit-card details.

Spam threat

If you click any link sent to you in a spam message, it will lead to malicious websites.

Gaming threat
Theft of passwords and game resources is spreading in the virtual worlds and multiplayer online games.

Mobile threat

Vishing, similar to phishing which executes through phone calls to your mobile number, has made an appearance, and is growing.

Keeping yourself safe

  • If you want to protect your computer, you have to become part of a malicious hacker’s network by taking a few basic precautions. You must alert at all times when you are online or on your mobile phone.
  • You must install patches regularly for the software on your computer.
  • You must update your antivirus software regularly and scan your system at regular intervals.
  • You must install good anti-spyware software and use it to scan your computer and any software you download from an unknown source.
  • You must avoid downloading shareware or other interactive programs from unknown sites. Always download from trusted sites.
  • If any spam filters through to your inbox, you should neither open it nor click any link in it.
  • You must careful of who you speak to online and on your mobile phone.
  • You must keep yourself updated of the latest security threats, by reading about these and about prevention measures.

One comment

  1. Gilberto R. R.

    Very usefull for amateur users, you should stress more about the threats related to social networks (facebook, myspace, hi5) like identity theft or about instant messaging (msn, yahoo messenger) threats that not only includes online threats but offline too, threats like kidnappers or else.

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