Safe from physical harm

If you want to keep yourself safe, then you you must adapt right computing practices.

Due to the increasing dependence on technology, there has also been created so many technology-related health problems.

Computer usage is one of the biggest health problems of modern life. Some computer related problems are Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to the typing at odd angles without a break, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) due to sitting for long periods without moving, backache due to bad posture, eyestrain from staring at a monitor screen for long and stress due to a combination of the above reasons and work-related pressures.

But it is not difficult to beat these problems. Just follow few simple steps.

  • You must start by taking regular breaks between long hours of working or you can install such programs that blank out your screen at regular intervals to remind you to take that much needed break.
  • Use a comfortable chair that suits you and is good for sitting in for long hours.
  • When you use a laptop, keep moving into different position after every hour by this, by this you can prevent muscle cramps.
  • Do not read more serious diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and Epicondylitis which affect the nerves.
  • Epicondylitis, alsocalled ‘tennis elbow’ can be due to repetitive action or rotating the forearm while typing or using the mouse. Use the right method to type and use the mouse or you can try and learn to use it with both hands.
  • Long hours working can give you lower back pain and pain in the shoulders/ neck. This happens when the monitor is not at the right height. It should always be at eye level or below it.
  • Eye fatigue, headache and stress can be kept away by regular medical examination and using anti-glare glasses for looking at the monitor screen.

Such kind of problems may affect your life so it is very important to keep yourself stress free, improve your working habits, and keep you healthy.


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