Tips for online safety

It is used to think many parents that it’s great if their kids spend a lot of time on the computer or Internet. And it will be safer for the child to be at home this way. But it is not true, and you need to know a few things about online safety. Here are some tips to help for you.

You should know

  • The Internet is a vast place of information. If you look in the right places, you can find anything you need to know. Remember this always for your child who access the Net and the amazing info online.
  • Along with the good things, there are so many bad things out there, which could enter to your child’s email inbox, chat groups and social networking sites.
  • Your child will be eager to visit sites which you would not want her to go to. She would want to find out what they mean, and this could lead her to adult rated content.
  • There are so many software and games available for free of cost, which your child will want to install on your PC. There are peer-to-peer networks for opening your computer, and use files from other computers. This is a good way for viruses, Trojan, spyware to come in to your computer.
  • If your child has been using your credit card, some online games or shopping site can take extra money for bills which you might not like paying up at all.
  • To be safe you must opt an unlimited download account from your ISPs. Otherwise, it will not good for you.
  • Install such a program which will allow your child to browse safe sites.

You need to tell your child

  • If your child meets anything which is uncomfortable for him, you must know immediately.
  • Give your email ID to only her close friends, and never disclose the password to any of her friends.
  • Be very selective about the people you add to your list on social networking sites, but the aim is not to make a friends list so long.
  • Avoid talking to strangers on the Net, and never give out any details, address, etc to anyone.
  • Avoid meeting friends, who has made with online.
  • Internet is great so go out and use too.

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