Basic guidelines to Download

We show you how, and what you should do to download, so never downloaded programs before knowing it.

Download applications from the Internet that help simplify your task and installation process of the software you download could be different for different computers, operating systems or browsers, but you need to keep these five guidelines in mind.

1. Make a directory for downloads by right-clicking anywhere on the Windows desktop by this you can keep your desktop and hard drive mess-free, and grants easy access to all your downloads.

2. Search the software that you want on the Internet and download that. Normally all websites have a download link. After clicking on this link, a box pops up which gives you the option to Run, Save or Cancel the download. Click on the Save option and save the file in download folder on the desktop.

3. Maximum down loadable files from the Internet are compressed. This reduces the download time and keeps all the files related to the program like, help files and drivers, together in a single file. Unzip the file using a program like WinZip. “.EXE ” file is generally self-extracting file that is decompressed by double-clicking it. The installation of such files start automatically after which you can skip directly to step 5.

4. This step is installation. In unzipped files,you can check for the Install or Setup file. WinZip can also search the Install or Setup program contained in a ZIP file which creates a button, called Install in the WinZip button bar, by decompressing. Click this Install button, and follow the instructions as come up. During installation, the program will ask about the location where you want to install the software, and what program you want to add it to. Choose the default settings, on the basis of knowledge or have a personal preference. Create a desktop icon.

5. If your program installed and running, you don’t need no more downloaded compressed file.


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