Future Source of Power will be WIND

A group of  environmental activist  has carried out new economic modelling, which shows that wind power may be cheaper than coal i future( by 2030 ).

According to a report, Greenpeace Australia has given this claim, which is put in an ambitious blueprint to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This  blueprint, Australia`s Energy  evolution , proposes cutting greenhouse emissions to 60% of 1990 levels by 2020 by generating 40% of electricity from  new sources. It states that this would stabilise energy prices in the future, as long as it is added with significant gains in energy efficiency. But in some way,it warns that if Australia does not move away from fossil fuels, electricity prices will nearly double by 2020 and triple by 2050 ,because of rising world prices and the increasing price of carbon permits under an emissions trading scheme.Fossil fuels will continue to get more expensive, while the cost of wind will fall because of economies of scale.

According to reporter, “For the first time we can see that how we are able to phase out the dirtiest fossil fuel in Australia and by 2030 have removed the biggest sources of greenhouse gas , coal”.This report concentrates on the transport and energy sectors and  advocates improved insulation, more efficient electrical appliances, and replacing electrical heaters and hot water systems with solar devices.


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