IBM warms to utilities in EED (Energy Efficiency Drive)

A keynote speech will be delivered by IBM‘s top hardware executive, William Zeitler, at a large utility industry conference for bridging the worlds of IT and electricity. Steve Cole said, “We want to challenge the electricity industry to stop thinking about lighting and motors–the traditional stuff–and look at IT as a big user of electricity”.

It is estimated that data centers alone use about 2 % of the world’s electricity and the rate of energy usage and spending is going up steadily.Due to the rising cost of growing environmental awareness and electricity, IBM and other IT vendors have invested in more energy-efficient computing gear.There are several technologies, such as virtualization and techniques for minimize energy usage. A current IBM customer survey found that only 26% of IT managers had responsibility for energy usage.

IBM deals with IT professions, utilities have customer relationships with the facilities managers at companies that work with energy usage and management. Once a standard EnergyStar rating for servers and storage is completed, measuring efficiency will be more easy.


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