Video Server:Converter of Analog to Digital

A video server also called video encoder digitalizes analog signals .It distributes digital images directly over an IP-based network, changing analog cameras into digital network cameras. It has analog video channels, image digitizer, image compressor and web server with network interface. This is ideal for converting existing analog video system into a digital network video solution. All the functional benefits of digital technology like,remote access , cost-effectiveness , flexibility , scalability can be achieved with the help of converting a CCTV analog system to a network video system.Video servers provide a way by which you can move on to IP and add network cameras ,if you have an existing analog system .

Features and Benefits of Video Servers:

  • Conversion of analog CCTV video  into high quality digital video.
  • Digital quality images reduce the Motion blur caused by analog interlaced images.
  • Simultaneous JPEG and MPEG-4.
  • Direct connection to IP networks.
  • Independent system with embedded web server remove the neccessity of extra H/W or S/W to capture and transfer images.
  • Remote access to live images through the existing network.
  • Digital video storage of images which is helpful for searching.
  • Easy addition of IP based  network cameras  into the existing system.

If you want to make this system work , the installers would have to be familiar with IP Networking and for analog CCTV installers  would be to enroll into an IP Networking course, like: Cisco CCNA course.


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  1. RennyBA

    Interesting, readable and informative post – thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Btw: Here from BlogCatalog – Hello from Norway and thanks for the add 🙂

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