Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Technology

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) provides an entire multimedia experience of photos, text, pictures, animations, audio and speech. By using the MMS facility, user can send their multimedia message, but the phone that supports MMS and also you have enabled the MMS service. With MMS technology, the mobile users can send or receive MMS from other mobile users. Even MMS supports audio formats like WAV, MIDI and MP3. MMS is also used for sending Video clips.

MMS is just like a SMS. But the difference is, SMS contains text messages with minimum character limits. But in MMS, you can send messages with more text capacity. SMS has limitation like only pictures and text can be send. MMS is user friendly, like you can send any picture, video files, and animation pictures. Older mobiles phones do not have the MMS facility or they don’t support MMS technology. But now, many mobile companies introduced MMS support phone. The price of these mobiles phones are little bit more than other phones. All the service providers have also started to offer MMS facility to their customers.

Every mobiles company provides complete multimedia knowledge and this facility increase the mobile communication usage. Many in the communication industry, for networks of 2.5 G and 3G, consider MMS as one of the biggest potential moneymakers.
When we send MMS, it’s usages the same method like SMS. MMS is considered as best and proven messaging technology. Now MMS has captured maximum market and greater business opportunity in the whole telecommunication market. MMS is designed to operate with GPRS, 1x/EVDO mobile packet data services.

MMS is delivered in two modes and they are immediate and deferred. You can take a snapshot using your camera and then you can send that picture through MMS to anyone. You can also send your video files to your friend. MMS faces lot of challenges like bulk messaging, distribution lists, WAP Push, handset configuration and content adaptation. MMS is different from EMS that is Enhanced Messaging service that is SMS with additional capabilities. MMS is going to be used as community-based communication method in the future years.


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