Privacy protection software utilities.

Did you know that all your internet history can be reviewed by anyone just a free tool available online. The internet has many advantages and dis-advantages. The main advantage is that you can do multiple works. You can listen music, play games and many more things you can do.

But, the main disadvantage of the internet is that the sites you visited while browsing, the internet tends to get downloaded in secret files of the computer. With this, without your actually knowing about it, unauthorized people may gain your important information. There is a remedy for this problem, just download the software in the computer, where your data, family and business are protected. With the help of this internet eraser software in the computer, unwanted images or information does not get stored in the computer. There are numerous tools in the internet which can retrieve deleted files.

This internet eraser software also helps you to delete all your computer history. One of the main advantage of this software is that it is password protected. It means, only you have the power to access the internet eraser software.

If you want privacy while using internet, the internet eraser software permits you to close your IE windows. There are some more files that are stored secretly in the computer, which proves to be difficult to delete manually.

When you are using internet, all the URLs that you are visit are stored automatically in cache folder. So, when you are going to delete that cache software, you can remove that software easily or you can remove form internet eraser software. Many people tend to clear browser history. While doing so, the files get hidden, and can be deleted only by using internet eraser software.

The internet eraser software can delete all encrypted information found in the computer through internet surfing.


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