Is The Future of Video Conferencing Bright?

Today video conferencing is a powerful tool and provides a virtual meeting environment that gives the benefit of real meeting. There are various kinds of conference where they are using the video conferencing technique. Back when video conferencing was a new trend, the quality and consistency of the feed was generally less than perfect.

Has video conferencing gotten better with ISDN?
The invention of ISDN technology has made the world of video conferencing a much better one. As compare to an IP connection, ISDN is a much quicker and more reliable than an IP connection and even quicker way to get all your need. This type of technology is costly but its best technology. ISDN telephone circuits will have more bandwidth than a normal telephone. This makes it more capable of providing a dependable or reliable service. The video conferencing will rarely breakup which will in turn give you a proper meeting without any disturbance.

How much bandwidth do I need for a video conference?
Actually it depends entirely on the user need, if user needs a good quality then you needs a good speed. If you have 768 Kbs of bandwidth, then you can rest assured that you will be able to have a quality video conference without interruptions or delays. However, if you use less bandwidth you might be suffering. And If you only have access to 128 Kbs, a video conference is still possible but you will notice that the quality will be quite diminished. There will be delays in the video and the audio might also have delays and at points be difficult to understand. There are of course other things that you will need in order to have a video conference. As I told you, it’s totally depending on the user requirements. If you only have to have a meeting with one or two other people, then a common web cam will be all that you will need. If you are planning a larger meeting with different people, you will have to get a large video screen, a room for the conference.
Depending on the type of service you get, you might also need remotes, cables, projectors or a video conference camera.

A LAN video conference is also possible but there is a good chance that you won’t be able to achieve the high quality that you want for your meeting. It may be cheaper, but it is not advisable to use this type of video conferencing. The future of video conferencing is very bright one and every day. But important thing is that, you have to keep up to date on the new software and technology related to video conferencing. So keep your eyes on the videoconferencing future because you never know what trend might be next.


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