Three Things You Can Do To Keep Your Computer Running At Maximum Performance.

There are many things that can affect the performance of your computer. There are few things to keep in mind and do every month to help keep you computer running at maximum speed. Your computer is always wrinting something in your hard disk. Sometimes you add or delete files, blank spaces are left between your files, Computer always trying to use those blank spaces, but sometimes computer can’t use blank spaces. Over some time, this reading and writing of files can affect your system performance.
Or if you are using internet, many times you are downloading files or software onto your computer. Sometimes you feel that, downloading is slow and also your computer system is running slow when downloading. The term “Spyware” refer to programs that gather information about your computer and surfing habits without your knowledge. This information is then sold to a third party company as a means of generating revenue. This makes your computer very sluggish and unresponsive.

Three steps to Improved your Computer Performance are:

  • Delete Spyware: the first thing you have to do, delete all Spyware or programs from your computer. To do this you can use a free software program such as Ad-Aware SE personal Edition from LavaSoft and many more. Just download and follow the installation instruction. Once the program is installed you can run that software and scan your computer. Then, you can select those files and delete from your computer. One thing is very important, always update the Spyware software.
  • Clean Up your Hard Disk regularly: Once you removed Spyware from your computer, now you need to delete all temporary or unwanted files from your system. Please follow these instructions, select start button, then select programs, then accessories, under the accessories option select “System Tools”. Once you select system tools, click on “Disk Cleanup” Select the drive you want to clean, select from pull down menu and click on ok button. You can select only one drive at a time, you can’t select multiple drives. This program will then scan your computer files, which could be erased from your computer. You can safely removed all temporary files
  • Defrag your Hard Disk: Once you removed all temporary files and Spyware files, you need to defrag your hard disk. Why we do defrag?. Defrag means, when you add or delete files, blank spaces are left between your files, defrag removes all spaces in-between your files and defrag collects all files in continuous format. Before you defrag, you can choose “analysis” to check that the system needs to defrag or not. If yes, then you can start defragment in hard disk.

Once you’ve completed all three steps, you computer and hard disk should be able to operate at maximum speed. You have to followed all three steps in a week, so that your computer system is running fast


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