Digital cameras- Wi-Fi transmitters

Now, we are emerging out of the world of digital cameras as they have many limitations with them. A couple of gigabytes, usually once you’ve filled their onboard memory chips, you’re saddled with a bitter choice, then either miss out on some gorgeous new photos or delete some gorgeous old ones. Even if you copy the photos to your home computer, how many of your friends ever get to see them, so we can say that it is merely a option to settle with the limitations of the camera.

But now you can let your camera handle it, thanks to new photo gear with wireless Internet access built in. A few such cameras have begun popping up, and there’s also a little device called Eye-Fi, a camera memory card that also turns almost any digital camera into a Wi-Fi photo transmitter. It’s very awful and impressive to see your photos popping up on the Internet without having to plug in your camera.

That’s exactly all happens with the $100 Eye-Fi. It’s a two-gigabyte SD memory card, the kind that fits into millions of cameras. But there’s Wi-Fi on board, along with the memory. The Eye-Fi comes with a USB gadget that plugs into your Windows or Macintosh computer and installs the software. You can program the card to recognize several hotspots, so you can set it to work at grandma’s house as well. You can also tell it to automatically copy photos to a host of Internet services like Flickr or Facebook.

Insert the Eye-Fi card into your digital camera, and bust a few snapshots. If you’re in Wi-Fi range, your pictures will immediately start uploading to your computer. The images pop up in a corner of your PC screen one after another as Eye-Fi cranks them out. And the photos also appear on the online photo service of your choice.

Instead of these features Eye-Fi card have some limitations as it is useless for accessing many free public hotspots in places like libraries. Many of these require users to log in to a Web browser before they can connect to the hotspot.


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