Missiles : A major strength of Indian Defence

Indian defence scientists are developing a new medium-range, multi-platform missile, called the Nirbhay or the dauntless, that will add more teeth to its armory and is slated to be tested by end-2009.The missile, with a range of 1,000 km, is being developed at the Advanced Systems Laboratory -, a unit of the Defence Research and Development Organisation. They have done the design and begun hardware planning for its latest missile, Nirbhay, or the dauntless, with the technology demonstrator flight planned for end-2009, top officials at the state-run Advanced Systems Laboratory – here said.The latest in the series of India’s missile development programme, the Nirbhay follows the Agni and the Prithvi.There are many more missiles recently tested and fired successfully, which are given below –

Brahmos Cruise Missile:

Brahmos is a Supersonic Cruise Missile that can be launched from submarine, ship, aircraft and land based Mobile Autonomous Launchers (MAL). The missile is launched from a Transport-Launch Canister (TLC), which also acts as storage and transportation container.

The missile met all mission parameters and the test has established the sea to land capability of the formidable weapon system. A ship-to-shore version of the supersonic Brahmos missile was successfully test fired in the Andamans recently. Defence Ministry announced that the missile with a range of more than 290 kms was launched from the deck of the Russian acquired missile destroyer INS Rajput and precisely hit a land target in one of the islands. This was the 15th test of the missile jointly developed by Russia and India. Scientists have already carried out successful tests of the ship-to-ship version as well as Surface-to-surface version of the multi-role missiles.

The induction of Brahmos has already begun in the Navy as well as Army. Defence Research and Development Organisation is now developing air-to-ground and submarine-launched version of the missile.

Trishul Missile:

The Trishul (Trident) is a short range, quick reaction, all weather surface-to-air missile designed to counter a low-level attack. It has been flight tested in the sea-skimming role and also against moving targets. It has a range of 9 km and is fitted with a 5.5 kg HE-fragmented warhead. It’s detection of target to missile launch is around 6 seconds. The missile can engage targets like aircraft and helicopters, flying between 300 m/s and 500 m/s by using its radar command-to-line-of-sight guidance. Development of Trishul missile system has been completed recently as technology demonstrator. Till January this year, around three billion rupees had been incurred on the development of the system.

Submarine Based K-15 Ballistic Missile :

India will soon conduct its first test of a submarine-based ballistic missile which can be tipped with a nuclear warhead, an official announced on Monday. According to DRDO, the experimental missile will be fired from a submerged pontoon and the missile, has a top range of 700 kilometres (438 miles), and is ready for testing and waiting for the approval of Indian Government. If the test is successful, India will be capable of launching missiles from air, land, ships and submarines, and it will join an elite group that includes the United States, Russia, France and China.



  1. saber

    one thing i’l say every indian should salute to our great scientist and former president hnble Mr.APJ kalam sir

  2. thennavan

    v r xtremely proud of our INDIAN ARMY..They should not forget tat tis ONLY the BEGINING. COME ON “INDIA” WE CAN DO IT.. I tnink tat POLITICIANS SHOULD NOT GIVEN SALARY COZ theres no use..the amount spending for them should b spend for our defence purpose r they should work in SIACHEN If they want SALARY..

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