Major products and Technologies through Defence

Technologies through Electronics Department

  • 3D-Car : A 3D Central Acquisition Radar (3D CAR) has been developed as medium range Early Warning Sensor. This state-of-the-art radar is capable of detecting & tracking multiple targets in a hostile electronic warfare environment. The radar was demonstrated to the Services with live sorties provided by Air Force. The radar has gone through extensive in house evaluation and field exploitation by the Air Force for three months.
  • Weapon Locating Radar : Weapon Locating Radar is developed based on the proven Rajendra radar technology. Its primary roles are location of enemy guns, mortars and rocket launchers and own fire direction. The system is developed as a joint collaboration between DRDO and Bharat Electronics Limited.
  • Sangraha : An indigenous EW programme for Navy, development of all five types of electronic warfare (EW) systems have been completed under the project SANGRAHA.
  • Antenna Systems : Antenna technology has gone through several changes commensurate with the evolution of the complex systems for various applications. Defence has developed the capability in designing antennas for various ground-based and airborne radar systems, communication systems, electronic warfare, and underwater scenarios.
  • Laser Warning Sensor : Defence has developed a compact sector-sensing laser warning sensor capable of giving warning against existence of a laser threat in the form of an audio beep as well as a visual display when exposed to radiation from typical existing and emerging battlefield solid-state lasers.
  • Passive Q-Switching : Defence has developed passively Q-switched continuously pumped Nd:YVO4 generating ~16 ns wide pulses at ~70 kHz repetition rate by end pumping an Nd:YVO4 crystal of 1 mm thickness and 3 mm x 3 mm cross-section employing a CW laser diode with maximum output power of 700 mW at 808 nm.
  • Threshold Detector : The gadget has selectable energy density threshold level and gives an audio/visual indication when the energy density actually available at the target plane is above the set value. It can be used with both free running as well as Q-switched lasers. The gadget can handle free running lasers with pulse width in the range of 100 µs to 600 µs
  • Multi-Detector Temography System : A gamma ray transmission-based multi-detector computed tomography (CT) system which is based on Ir-192 radio-isotope source and uses four discrete detectors thereby reducing the data acquisition time by one-fourth as compared to the single-detector first generation CT systems. The technology is unique and first of its kind in the country.


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